This is how the world is adapting.

The information age has signalled a worldwide overhaul of traditional conventions. Nowadays it is important to not be left behind as the world continues to evolve into this new way of living we have become so used to, despite it being a recent technological breakthrough. E-learning has become the number one way to gain and retain information for educational purposes.

The Diploma in Commerciality has utilised this system of learning to bring you the best in experiential learning. It is the perfect course for those looking to enhance their business knowledge and develop their commercial skills quickly, in a fun risk free environment. You will build a foundation of business knowledge and experience as you go.

What's in the course?

The course is interactive & experiential, you will develop your commercial skills and knowledge almost without realising it.

Towards the end of the course you will receive a personal diagnosis of your key commercial strengths as well as areas for improvement. This will be used to plan for further development to improve weaknesses moving forward.

Course Outline

Module 1: Measuring & Developing your Commercial Skills
  • Complete a set of real world interactive simulations that test your Commercial Acumen.
  • Test yourself using self-awareness questionnaires and Commercial Awareness quizzes that focuses on their personal skills, both in your daily life and working environment, as well as focusing on how you work with other people.
  • Unlock a diagnostic that measures and benchmarks your commercial skills and knowledge.
  • This is a highly comprehensive profile that analyses your skills and knowledge, showing your strengths and weaknesses, as well as comparative perceptions and suggestions for development.
  • Using a new personal E-Portfolio and the diagnostic, you will create a personal development plan. The aim of this is to identify where you would like to develop and create a plan to do so for each of your 9 Personal Skills for Success.
Module 2: Expanding your Knowledge
  • Explore and learn through 6 learning topics that cover Segmentation, Marketing, Strategy, Finance and HR.
  • As well as these topics we will focus on teaching the fundamentals of fast strategy. This is covered in greater depth in the video lectures.
  • You will be given a study log that tracks your progress through the E-Academy. The interactive learning topics cover all the key information you will need in the form of questions with instant feedback, videos and case studies.
  • Further reading is offered to those that want to delve deeper into the theory that they have been taught.
Module 3: Advanced Learning
  • Using material that has been taught on the Executive MBA at the University of Cambridge, Module 3 is about using what has been taught in the E-Academy and applying it to two very advanced case studies.
  • Using the same simulation format that has been used in the previous modules, you will receive additional challenges as well as comprehensive due diligence packs to absorb.
  • These packs will you to analyse the case studies you will receive.
  • The case studies are still timed, so you will have to use your 9 Personal Skills for Success to manage your time efficiently and analyse the data to help you make the correct decision.
  • This module culminates with a final exam that tests you against everything that you have been taught throughout the course.
Module 4: Applying the Knowledge you've Developed
  • This module is all about applying what has been learnt in the course to something that can be taken forward into your career.
  • You are encouraged to continue your personal development through the use of the E-Portfolio.
  • The E-Portfolio is available after the duration of the course so you can continue to use it to store your evidence and develop you commercial skills.
  • A powerful toolkit will also be unlocked that will you to continue to use the structure of the key methodology that you will learn in the course. This is a valuable tool that you will be able to use throughout your own career.

Why this course?

This course has been developed using research underpinned by the University of Hertfordshire as well as teaching at the University of Cambridge. You will quickly develop the core skills and knowledge you will need using a powerful methodology that has been integrated into this experiential learning course to give you the maximum return on your potential.


Our course will develop your key commercial skills, as well give you the all-important experience that the experiential learning method provides; giving you complete confidence moving forward in your career, on any path you choose to take.

  • “I thought the programme was very tailored to my needs. It boosted my confidence and helped me focus my business goals to achieve success. Thank you.”
    Kelly Roger
    Self Employed – Sports Mobile Therapist
  • “Very good programme. Brings clarity to all aspects of business and exposes areas that need improvement.”
    Sheriff Tajudeen
    Entrepreneur and Football business owner
  • “This was really helpful because I don’t come from a business background, so I have really valued the experience.”
    Dominic Best
    Aspiring Entrepreneur – Sports Coaching
  • “This work is the most up-to-date in providing both employers and employees the tools to assess potential in modern day business and management responsibilities in general. It also has the flexibility for extensive development of personnel in education and science as future leaders of industry”
    Dr David B Lingiah
    Ansted University, External Professor of Psychology & Psychotherapy. Companion member of the Institute of Management Specialists (UK).
  • “Truly revolutionary in its game and play approach pedagogy and it already seems to be disrupting the training and education market and contributing to student's employability skills development”
    Eric CK Chan
    Principal Lecturer - Management, Leadership, Teams & Organisational Behaviour / Experiential Learning and Business Simulations
  • “A Stroke of genius”
    Dean Arnold
    Partner Deloitte
  • "It's perfect... content and structure are outstanding"
    MBA Student
    University of Hertfordshire
  • “This was one of the best programmes I experienced in my EMBA at Cambridge and I had to make all my CFOs enjoy the same benefits!”
    Johann Xavier
    Saatchi & Saatchi
  • “I was able to embrace my skills a lot more and feel confident about myself and how I work with other people”
    Erica Otawara
    Saatchi & Saatchi

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